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AXE Stump Removal and Grinding Services

Melbourne's Stump Removal and Grinding Experts
Is an unsightly or hazardous tree stump taking up valuable space in your Melbourne property? Look no further than AXE Tree Services! Our professional arborists provide safe and efficient stump removal and grinding services to restore your landscape and peace of mind.


Clients Love What We Do. Check Out Our Reviews

L Temple

I called Axe tree services on a public holiday with an emergency removal. The the team arrived the same afternoon! It took them a couple of hours to remove the tree and tidy up the debris. Very reasonable price and great service.

Titus Ng

The team did an excellent job cutting down three trees and removing the stumps. The job was completed in less than two hours, and they cleaned up nicely after. Professional, efficient, and very reasonable in their quote. Thank you!

Nada Ellis

Manny and his crew removed 3 fruit trees and ground out the stumps. They also removed a large branch which had fallen off my Liquid Amber tree onto a power line. They were prompt, courteous and reasonably priced. They stayed late to complete the work. I highly recommend their services.

Dulan Perera

The team of 5 did An amazing job trimming the branches Was professional, reliable and quick! Very happy with Mani and the team! Would highly recommend!

Paul Hellyer

Fast and thorough service with the latest machinery topped off by excellent service from Manny and team. Highly recommended.

Lucas Hellyer

Manny was amazing and helpful in removing all our garden trimmings. A++ would recommend !


I recently had a large tree pruned by Axe Tree Services. The efficiency and quality of the job done by Mandeep and his team was excellent! They arrived punctually, worked carefully and cleaned up everything before leaving. The price was very reasonable considering the confined location and the size of the tree. I would not hesitate to use Axe Tree Services for any future tree work.

Ranjit Nair

What can I say about Mandeep and Team. Any day any time if you ask me about Landscaping (whole package) I would recommend Axe Tree Services. A bunch who believe in what they do and work with love and passion. You guys changed how our house looks. I can't thank you enough for all your help and amazing work. From my heart ❤️ appreciate your awesome work. Amerbir, Darsh and the young bloke (sorry couldn't remember his name) you guys are unreal, the passion and ethics is to be mentioned. Thanks Mandeep. Starting from decking to lawns, irrigation, concreting fencing, landscaping designs and the list goes. A very happy customer and would recommend the team any day ❤️❤️❤️

Priya Srinath

The team provided an excellent and professional service .Very happy with the job done even though it was complex. Highly recommend, if someone is looking for tree services.

wen mah

If you are looking to removal a tree(s), Axe Tree Services is the best. Friendly, professional, reliable, cost effective and most importantly, they will go above and beyond to service your needs.
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Benefits of Stump Removal and Grinding Services in Melbourne

Removing those stubborn stumps offers a range of advantages for your Melbourne property
Reclaim Your Land
Stumps occupy valuable space that could be used for landscaping, gardening, or additional planting.
Prevent New Growth
Stumps can send up unwanted shoots, requiring constant maintenance. Grinding eliminates this issue.
Enhance Safety
Stumps can create tripping hazards, especially for children and pets. Removal ensures a safer outdoor environment.
Improve Aesthetics
An unsightly stump detracts from the beauty of your landscape. Grinding creates a clean, finished look.
Prevent Property Damage
Untreated stumps can attract pests and potentially damage underground structures like pipes or sidewalks. Grinding minimizes these risks.
Peace of Mind
Let our experts handle the dirty work! We ensure a smooth and efficient process, minimizing stress and inconvenience for you.
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Why Choose AXE

Why Choose AXE Tree Stump Removal and Grinding?

Advanced Equipment
We utilize state-of-the-art grinding machines to remove stumps efficiently and with minimal disruption to your property.
Experienced Professionals
Our certified arborists have the expertise to handle any stump removal or grinding job, regardless of size or complexity.
Safe and Efficient
Safety is our top priority. We employ strict procedures to ensure a safe working environment for our crew and protect your property.
Environmentally Friendly
We recycle or dispose of woodchips responsibly according to Melbourne regulations.
Free Consultations
Get a no-obligation consultation and quote to discuss your specific needs.
Increased Property Value
A well-maintained landscape with no unsightly stumps can significantly boost your property's curb appeal and value.
Emergency Stump Removal & Grinding Service.


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